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Raised in the mountains of Vermont, Kathy has called the Okanagan “home” for more than three decades.  In 2008, after many years winemaking with Mission Hill Family Estate, Kathy made the move to Hillside to share in the Naramata lifestyle.

Kathy has been deeply involved in the development of the BC wine industry over the 30 years of her career.  As chair of the BC Wine Grape Council’s R&D Committee she appreciates the dynamic nature of our young wine region, “Growing wine grapes in desert conditions, on the edge of climactic viability, has necessitated an acceleration in research and development that has resulted in international recognition of the work of our local research scientists.  We are very proud of their achievements.”

Since her arrival at Hillside, Kathy’s understanding of the unique conditions of the Naramata Bench caused her to direct her focus to the local terroirs, “our region and vines being so young, we are recognizing terroir differences and flavor complexity in the wines more and more as the vines come "of age".  By respecting and showcasing the fruit of these vines, I want to give our wine drinkers the chance to share in the discovery and development of this special region.”

Kathy brings out the best in Hillside wines with a gentle touch and minimal intervention.

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