Our Team

At Hillside each individual performs a unique function, but most importantly, we are a tight-knit team that shares a passion for creating lasting and memorable wine & food experiences for our guests.

A grinning profile of Hillside Winery President, Duncan McCowan.
Duncan McCowan
A smiling profile of Winemaker, Kathy Malone.
Kathy Malone
A profile showing the sincere looking Executive Chef, Evan Robertson.
Evan Robertson
Executive Chef
A radiant profile showing the Director of Food and Beverage, Lisa Henderson.
Lisa Henderson
Director of Food & Beverage
A cheerful looking profile of DTC and Marketing Manager, Lauren Selfridge.
Lauren Selfridge
DTC & Marketing Manager
A grinning image of Wine Shop Manager, Lesley Buxton, gazing off to the left of the camera.
Lesley Buxton
Wine Shop Manager
A thoughtful looking profile of Cellar Master, Mike Keith.
Mike Keith
Cellar Master
A kind looking profile of Karen Parkin, of Grounds and Warehouse.
Karen Parkin
Grounds & Warehouse
A smiling profile of Controller, Louise Lalor.
Louise Lalor
A cheery looking profile of David Ratke, of Administration and Order Desk.
David Ratke
Administration & Order Desk
A radiant profile of Melanie Shuld, of Accounting.
Melanie Shuld