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Kathy Malone
April 1, 2021 | Naramata, Terroir, Winemaking | Kathy Malone

All about the Naramata Bench Terroir: Part 1 of 3


My Love of the Naramata Bench 

- by Kathy Malone

When I was considering the move to Hillside from Mission Hill, I thought these people were insane, planting Malbec this far north in the valley.  I knew how hard it was to ripen Bordeaux varieties, even as far south as Osoyoos.  But I tasted the wines and was impressed. . . confused, but impressed.  Spending the summer of 2009 on the bench, I got a sense of how we were able to achieve this level of ripeness. Read on: THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.


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